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Invader Zim series 1: Invader Zim

Invader Zim Subterranean Base of DOOM

Invader Zim's Hidden Subterranean Laboratory of DOOM! The concept for this set was by Palisades Toy's head of product development, Ken Lilly, and would also inspire much of the Tallest's set later as well.

This is Zim's Pak in "spider-leg mode." Zim's identity actually resides within the pack, which is attached to his host body after it is "smeeted" (probably a form of organic cloning). The leg pack design was based on the first of Cassandra Poe's excellent design sketch studies that were of huge importance in the creation of a lot of these toy designs. I also spent a lot of time closely reviewing episodes that gave a good look at the Pak's legs in action, especially "A Plague of Babies". The Zim figure the Pak is show attached to in the upper image is just a stand-in I threw together quickly for scaling purposes and is not particularly toy-accurate.


The main console was based closely on the one used in the episode "NanoZim", complete with matching keyboard layout. Also above is the Hot Topic exclusive extra, the Irken AI Brain (based on the one seen in the "Idiot Dog Brain" episode).

Zim's Robot Death Bee was another model that benefited from Cassandra's sketches. The Robot Death Bee only appeared briefly in "Tak, the Hideous New Girl," likely as a reference to Zim's prior run-in with a bee in "Attack of the Saucer Morons".


The various monitors are mostly loosely based on numerous monitors that have appeared in the series (one is particularly unique, though...I'll leave it to the fans to try to identify which one!), and are interchangable with a set of 5mm interface ports and connector pieces, along with bendable cables in three different lengths. There are 5 different monitor types (not counting the console and Dib's computer screens) in the toyline so far that I designed, four of which are in this set. Three of these are shared with Tallest Purple's set, in another color, along with the fifth design. Some monitors and 5mm parts will also be sold with the Hot Topic exclusive figures.


Zim's got to have an Irken Sandwich, as they are referred to and seen in a number of episodes. This one is based on the one he eats in "Battle of the Planets". Mini-Moose, something of a fan-favorite, just had to be included! Although he only showed up in a single episode, he was apparently originally planned as another sidekick character to go along with Gir. I'm really glad we got him into Series 1!

Below are some of the sculpted prototypes that have been featured on Palisades Toys' "Daily Bit" to show the toyline in pre-production:

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Invader Zim - Gir - Tallest Purple - Ms. Bitters - Dib

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