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Invader Zim series 1: Almighty Tallest Purple

This is Almighty Tallest Purple's Mobile Command Platform Thingy and his accessories.

The set comes with four monitors with 5mm interface ports and connectors along with bendable cables. See Zim's set for more details. This set is is my design based on some brainstorming done with Ken Lilly from Palisades. Originally we wanted to do a set that was based on the bridge of the Tallest's flagship, the Massive, or one based on the stage from Planet Conventia in the first episode, one that would be in two parts shared between the two Tallest figures in series 1 and 2 of the toyline. Both ideas proved too difficult to do convincingly in the size requirements for the set, so we scaled it down to an original mobile platform of the sort the Tallest are often seen moving from place to place on, such as in the episode "Megadoomer". The plan was from the beginning to share some parts from this set with Zim's set, given that both include Irken technology, so I incorporated more of the 5mm sockets into the overall design of the platform. This worked out well as it also gives a place to plug the Tallest into as they float above the ground and would need to be held up with a clear peg.

Here you can see both Tallest Purple's and Tallest Red's half-platforms merged together into a single whole. The vents on the bottom were my way of suggesting in the model that it was not just a stationary platform, but was capable of floating from place to place like in the show.

Along with the platform, the Tallest had to have some of their usual accoutrements...Irkens, especially the Tallest, seem to have a deep biological need for junk food, and I was quite happy to help supply them with their standard diet. The set comes with a bag of Irken Donuts, an Irken Soda, and an Irken Burrito. In the center, you can also see my favorite Tallest accessorie, the Tallest Red Punching Puppet from the "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars" episode. Apparently Tallest Purple has, ahem, borrowed this from Tallest Red...perhaps there is some hidden reason behind this? Or maybe he was just bored. Cassandra Poe provided some extremely detailed studies of the puppet that this was directly modeled from, and she also did some work on either sketching some of the other accessories (such as the soda) or finding screenshots for reference. Cassandra's input and knowledge of the most esoteric details about the show was invaluable in making this series so wonderfully rich in details from the series that reflect both its humor and the interests of the most zealous of its fans.

Next are the sculpts of the toys in preproduction from Palisades Toys' Daily Bit page:

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Invader Zim - Gir - Tallest Purple - Ms. Bitters - Dib

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Updated: June 29th, 2004

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