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Micronauts Series 2: Repto

This was an original color scheme for Repto that I created that could be used as an exclusive release of the figure. I wanted to reverse the theme a little and gave him a more organic look with a chrome cybernetic brain (not visible from this angle). Repto was among my favorite figures as a kid and it was a real joy to get to create my own interpretation of the character.

The complete final selection of colors chosen for release by Palisades. The blue version was based on an idea selected from several fan color suggestions.


A new mace accessory to be included with the figure that I designed at the request of Product Development head Ken Lilly. Prototype photo courtesy of Ray Miller.

My CG of new claws for Repto designed by Dave Waugh which will also be included with the toy.

Updated: March 9th, 2003.

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