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Micronauts Series 1.5: Space Commander

The new "Space Commander" Space Glider figure was originally conceived by Dave Waugh as a direct adaptation of Space Glider into the color scheme used by the character in the comics. However, simply matching the yellow stripes in the comic design wouldn't have worked with the actual figure's sculpt. So when I designed the color model, I remembered how I imagined the toy's colors as a kid to match the character, and applied the yellow detailing to the existing sculpted details in a way that still reflected the image of the character. This color paint scheme is rather unique as no other Micronaut or Microman figure from the original series has a two-part paint application like this, though this color combo itself was actually rather common on vehicles in the Japanese series, appropriately enough. Even more of a departure, however, was to make the head a painted one with flesh, hair, and eyes painted in detail...all other Micronaut figures, and most Microman figures (except the Hoodman and the Shining Tector figures) were given chromed heads, with a more cybernetic or metal soldier figure feel to them. The realistic face on this toy, suggested also by Dave Waugh to evoke the comic character, was the subject of much controversy among fans, though many opposed to it changed heart when getting the actual toy.

In the comic, the Commander's gun and wingpack were often portrayed in grey, so Dave and I decided clear grey plastic would be good for the wings and the blaster. However, the final toy wound up with simply clear transparent wings and blaster.

The pack was also grey or almost black, so I rendered it as solid black, in contrast to the usual chromed colors the back of the the wingpack was manufactured in. However, the final toy was given a silver chromed surface.

Looking at the ribbed stripes on the boots and the chevron-like ribbed parts of the figure, I suspect that Michael Golden's interpretation of the character's costume had it's ribbed yellow stripes inspired by these details (an earlier unusued character design by Bob Hall was on the other hand a pretty straight interpretation of the figure's design, which gave him a more metallic armored look, much like the manga character). So it seemed only fitting to accentuate these details with the costume's yellow color. I think it really shows off how cool the original sculpting was by the figure's Japanese creator.

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Updated: April 9, 2003.
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