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Micronauts Series 1: Membros

Membros in his near-original colors. It was decided to make him one uniform color, rather than using the slightly orange-red secondary colors on a few parts of the original toy, and to replace the bright red plastic weapons with a more threatening-looking set of black weapons on this variation.

The original color models. I didn't have much reference to go from at this point, so I roughed him out a lot more loosely than the other early models. The original Micronaut aliens were different from their other 3 3/4" counterparts in the series as they only came in one color, as Mego was finding ways to cut costs at the time. By adding three new color variations to each of the rereleased aliens, it seems to fill in something of a gap left by the original series.

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Updated: March 31, 2003.
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