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Invader Zim series 1: Gir

Saucer Moron Convention Alien Artifact Exhibit

This is Gir's playset, the Alien Artifact Exhibit from the Saucer Moron Convention. This playset was my invention based on the episode, "Attack of the Saucer Morons."

Rear view of the Gir playset.

This was my first render of the final design for Ship Transporter (Flying Pig Disguise). Zim here is just a stand-in I threw together in about an hour, so he's not toy-accurate by any means (this is the same stand-in you can see with the Spider-Leg Pak in Zim's set).

This accessory was the first one I modeled for the toyline, when Ken asked me to do the flying pig. I originally modeled it closer to the scale in the show (roughly big enough to believably carry Zim's damaged Voot Cruiser), but that was too big, so I scaled the pig down as small as I could make it yet keep it believable. The reason the pig became the centerpiece of the Gir playset is because the Gir figure is so tiny compared to everyone else, so Ken wanted to include something fun and sizable with him to make up for it.

Once the pig was decided on, I felt it was only natural that it should have the Saucer Moron exhibit as the rest of the playset and developed one to go with it. Originally I also modeled an "Alien Artifact Blender" to act as an alternate piece to put on the pedestal if the pig isn't there, but later we decided to opt for the Spooky Chihuahua as an exclusive accessory that could be swapped out instead...(both a blender and the Chihuahua were other "artifacts" in the exhibit)


Mmmm! I'm gonna get me some of those tacos! What would Gir be without his Krazy Tacos? As Ms. Bitters might say, "NOTHING!"

Lastly, how could we resist making Gir his SuckMonkey drinking cup? The name alone justifies its existence, I say!

Following are the sculpts for this set from pre-production that were made from my CG models:

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Invader Zim - Gir - Tallest Purple - Ms. Bitters - Dib

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