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Invader Zim series 1: Dib

This is Dib's playset, the ambitiously named World Invasion Defense Workstation.

Here's a top view. Cassandra Poe found an initial screenshot and did a thumbnail sketch that gave a starting point to move to from Ken Lilly's idea of doing something with Dib's workstation in his bedroom. I took that and mixed in some elements from the episode, "Zim Eats Waffles," which had a lot of great reference, too. Given that Dib's place hardly looks completely the same twice in the series, it was a matter of choosing which elements and versions to use for the set (as was sometimes the case with other accessories as well). Cassandra also got most of the 2D images needed to flesh out this set.

Here's some of Dib's stuff that goes with the set. The sattelite dish will come with the Hot Topic exclusive set. Cassandra did some sketch and screen capture assistance with the dish, camera, and headphones. The video equipment stack and the PC towers along with the main monitor all have 5mm sockets on their backs for added interchangability with the Irken sets as well as potential future toys.


Cassandra also helped out on references for the the laptop, which is almost as neccessary for Dib as Zim's Pak is for him (though at least Dib doesn't require it to be surgically grafted to his body...). "I saw a squirrel!" The Squirrel actually goes with the Gir Hot Topic exclusive set, but it was photgraphed with the Dib playset prototypes shown below, so I have included him here for comparison purposes.

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Invader Zim - Gir - Tallest Purple - Ms. Bitters - Dib

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Updated: June 29th, 2004

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