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Micronauts Series 1.5: Battle Acroyear

The "Battle Acroyear" promotional image I made for the series 1.5 packaging. The attacking "Eagle" fighter craft is made from parts of the original Micronauts Battle Cruiser toy I modeled a few years back when I was first learning Lightwave 5. The inspiration for this Acroyear's look were the colors the character has been traditionally portrayed with in the various Micronauts comics, as well as being close to one of the color variations of the original Takara toy. I had originally suggested this color scheme as a variation for Series 1. Similarly, the scene here is inspired by a battle from an early issue of the comics, and is deliberately ambiguous whether this is a "good" Acroyear fighting a "bad" fighter craft (as would be the case in the comic continuity), or an "evil" Acroyear fighting a "good" Battle Cruiser (the case in most other continuities).

Close-up of the Battle Cruiser Eagle cockpit at the image's original resolution.

Here is the test shot sample of the final figure I received. Note that the color is more pinkish on this shot, similar to the original Takara version. This was an error that was corrected to the darker red shown in my color models for the actual final production.

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Updated: April 3, 2003.

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