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Invader Zim series 1: Ms. Bitters

This is Ms. Bitters' Skoolroom playset. While the Flying Pig Ship Transporter was the first accessory I designed in the series, this was the first playset design, based on some conceptual work by Palisades' Ken Lilly inspired by a piece of background art from the show. In the end, the final sculpt shortened the wall slightly so it would fit in the package.

Here's a top view of the desk, showing some of the accessories that will be included with the set, such as the inkblot tests from the episode "Career Day" and the "Crazy Cards" from the Halloween special.

Just a rear view of the desk. Originally the desk and wall were going to be a single piece facade, but it made more sense that Ms. Bitters could be behind her desk, so this was changed later to a more realistic representation of the full desk.


Here are the two hall passes from the episode "Dark Harvest" (anyone get the reference in the episode title?). The collar hallpass is what Zim is given to see the Skool doctor, the alternate radiator hall pass is what Dib gets to drag around, and will be packaged with the Hot Topic exclusive set.

What does the Spooky Chihuahua have to do with Ms. Bitters? Well...NOTHING! But he's getting packed in with her for the Hot Topic exclusive and I really like how he turned out. Check out how close the prototype sculpt turned out below, along with the rest of the set:

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Invader Zim - Gir - Tallest Purple - Ms. Bitters - Dib

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Updated: June 29th, 2004

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