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Micronauts Series 1: Force Commander and Baron Karza

The deluxe "magno" figure Force Commander with his steed Oberon. The original Oberon was entirely white except for the red details on the missile launchers.

Force Commander and Oberon merged magnetically into their centaur form. This figure was only sold as an online-exclusive from Palisades' website, and had rarer variations in clear red with white accents and clear with red accents, similar to the more widely released Baron Karza/Andromeda variants below.

The final 3 color variations for the evil Baron Karza and his steed Andromeda (only shown in centaur configuration in this particular Palisades model sheet). Originally Force Commander in white and Baron Karza in black were the only two color variations of these deluxe "Magnemo-11" figures released in the US back in the 70's.

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Updated: March 31, 2003.
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